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  1. At last, soeonme who comes to the heart of it all

  2. If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon torpedo.

  3. Ginger it is so kind of you to stop by…I loved everything about your bolg…especially your character that shines through everything..you inspired meso I hope this recipe inspires you to face your fears and make a homemade pie crust and I’m sure with your touches it will turn out amazing..thanx again for the comment

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  7. dit :Ca avait l’air sympa ton week-end dans ma région chérie !!T’as pas visité Angers par contre ? Ni Saumur ?? Tu loupes quelque chose.. hihi

  8. Nun gut, also kein kuscheln. Anecken scheint aber auch nicht auf dem Plan zu stehen — eher verordnetes wegschauen. Das geht mit einem derart emotional aufgeladenen Parteinamen nicht zusammen.

  9. Excellent information! Just one typographical error the anal-retentive editor in me couldn’t help pointing out: under the heading “Re-examine quotes,” when asking if a quote advances the story or just reiterates information, you refer to the “former” needing to be tightened up or omitted. I believe you meant the “latter.” Again, I’m a knit-picky guy… sorry!

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  11. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much easier!

  12. You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Right now, I wish I could hop on a private jet and see a New York broadway show and hop right back on the plane to come home just in time to tuck my kids into bed. I have always wanted to take a one day trip somewhere on a private plane. Just sounds fancy, spontaneous, and fun:)

  14. That’s the Specialized Command Post. If it takes me to much effort to go tubeless, I just skip it, and insert a tube. This set of wheels seemed to work pretty easily, and I didn’t have any issues with any of the tires I tried.

  15. Elisabeth ! Ni är så fina på fotot ,ni klär att vara kala på huvudet, toppen. Hoppas verkligen dina leverprover är stabila & ingen försämring. Ha de gott med din älskade familj. Tänker mycket på er. Kramiz från Gull i Skåne.

  16. I like to party, not look articles up online. You made it happen.

  17. Nydelig nordpå nå! Fikk med meg Anna Karenina i kveld. Første gang. Dumt, for det var et interessant gjensyn, men jeg greier ikke å følge med på noen serier på tv. Tv-program er ukjent mark for meg.

  18. MY GOD!!Let me tell you something Alicia Keys: there is nothing as pathetic, ridiculous and which inspires as much pity as a black person who is ashamed of its own ethnicity and skin color.GET SOME HELP!I bet you’re not black, you’re just some random racist justifying your propaganda hinding behind a picture of a black women.Otherwise, go vote for Michael Steel when he’ll run for president, LOL!

  19. Ah yes, nicely put, everyone.

  20. Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.

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  22. Au moins tu ne fais pas comme une grande partie des MG que je côtoie …les renvoyer aux SAU dés que ca prends du temps ou qu’ils sont un peu chiant…

  23. Does anyone doubt that there were Greeks and Romans with kitschy little Athena/Minerva statues they bought at their last tourist trip to Athens?Then surely we should find such stuff. But we tend not to. The stuff we do find is often crude but rarely sentimental.

  24. Hvor er den bare flot.. har selv været igang, men har ikke lykkes mig sÃ¥ GLÆDER mig til din DIY… HÃ¥ber snart den kommer pÃ¥ din lækre blog..Tak for det fine stof skal nok lige fÃ¥ overført til dig..

  25. Bon, ben j’ai testé avec un Å“uf pour 2 cookies, et un peu de lait du coup,mais ça faisait trop cuit.c’était bon, mais secMais on a laissé refroidir un moment, je pense qu’en cuisant moins, et en mangeant plus vite, ça devrais le faire.

  26. What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly

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  32. , it is still fantasy, and considering I have the option of creating a character of color (not very well, mind you), it seems odd not to see many at all. Add to that the insult of the human noble origin (thank whatever powers be they’re at least listening to that complaint), and the game has many strikes against it concerning racial diversity.Therefore, here’s hoping Kirkwall actually does have some more inclusiveness in that regard.

  33. Your’s is a point of view where real intelligence shines through.

  34. Nixon initiated the second greatest military airlift in US history to support Israel in '73'. He also prevented the USSR from getting directly involved in the Yom Kippur War, which the USSR had already mobilized to do when things turned against their islamonazi shills in the Mid-East. Nixon did this by a mass mobilization of the US military, one which had not been seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  35. Whether or not bbroadside’s speculation is correct, the “gold Democrats” were certainly the last really admirable members of their party; their exemplar was Grover Cleveland, whom Mencken called “a good man in a bad job.” I’ve always thought that Cleveland was an underrated president, so if “moldbug” alludes to “gold bug,” so much the better.

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  37. You keep it up now, understand? Really good to know.

  38. ….ya know, i’ve heard a lot of J-Pop, C-pop, and K-pop (which i don’t like as much as J and C, dont’ judge me by that though. XD), but not so much V-pop, ‘cuz not that many kids at school (yeah, in America, but hell, its like 80% Asian) listen to it. i’m trying to get a bunch of V-Pop and other stuff together and start a new trend. XDBut yeah. if you guys have any suggestions (and not just about V-Pop, i mean anything) then please, tell me. i want to learn to sing them. XDBTW, song’s awesome.

  39. Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

  40. Although I like the idea, I'm generally too lazy (and too fast on the move) to play with lenses. I like your wide angle experiment and you're in a nice spot to play with your camera… and your daughter. The reflection shot I will post later is nowhere near as pretty as this.

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  44. Ok. Je suis Normand. J’ai donc le droit d’ implanter une colonie en Scandinavie, pays de mes ancêtres Vikings, au nom de Thor et d’Odin. Et comme j’ai aussi des ascendances bretonnes, je revendique également le droit au retour au Royaume Uni. Que m’importe que 1500 ans se soient écoulés depuis, j’ai les Runes Sacrées et des milliers de preuves archéologiques pour appuyer ma cause. J’appelle les Normands de tous les pays à rejoindre leur terre promise, la Norvège !

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  49. Happy Birthday! age is a funny thing. i don't know when i got in the habit, but for a couple of decades now i go by 'fives' – 20, 25, 30, 35, etc.so according to this 'system', now you'd still be '40'. in couple of years you'd be '45' for around five years, and so on.somehow it seems less of a 'thing' when it's kinda vague and it only changes every five years…..or i'm just nuts. either way, have a great time!!!

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  52. Så nydelig kort. Og så utrolig godt å høre at det ikke bare er meg som sliter med å skulle skjære i vakre mønsterark. Nå ser det jo ut til at du har klart deg over barrieren nok en gang og består med glans nok en gang. Alt du tar i blir til "gull", og du er en av de største inspirasjonskildene jeg har funnet iallefall.

  53. about Jessica not doing anything wrong. The other people at this dinner were friends whom I hadn’t seen in a while and I wanted to catch up with them, find out more about their recent lives. Every time any of us tried to make contact, Jessica made that impossible, by interrupting and placing herself at the center of every conversation.

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  62. Thanks to Oma, our son is obsessed by cuckoo clocks. The green or red bird house decal would match his room, and I’m sure we could improvise the noises.

  63. It’s much easier to understand when you put it that way!

  64. Great stuff, you helped me out so much!

  65. Hi Marshall,Good job again. I had pointed out the issues with the importer before and I have a simpler idea of doing the import. Instead of importing all bills, just import the information of how much one owed another on billmonk – I am not sure if that data is available in any xml/csv file already, but it will save all the trouble. Who wants to see month old bills anyway? People just want to continue with the right numbers. (:BTW, have you removed the bug that initials of last name are shown in the add bills page?

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  84. The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

  85. I attached a wiki expedient quote for the benefit of others actually. And LOL I’m sorry mate but Larry David DOES NOT inspire me to think about my beliefs anymore than the man I buy my tomatoes from would.

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  88. A word of warning about the Pershing shortcut… I do see cops there, usually once a week or so late at night when someone has taken that curve a little too fast and ended up in a ditch or worse. Be careful of speed demons, and drunk drivers!

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